the connection lab

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Do you want to make your Jiu-Jitsu Rock Solid, Unstoppable and Effortless? Learn the finest details of CONNECTION taught by two brothers, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts: Yas and Elias. 

In this course, we are going to show you what is INVISIBLE and make the real difference in your technique. Control better, create unbreakable structures and make your submissions razor sharp.

Discover the concepts and details that will change your game forever and that don't rely on grips, strength, flexibility or speed, but on body wiring, weight distribution and angles.

Time to change your technique forever and realize that Jiu-Jitsu is EASY when you know these 

details. Beginner or advanced, you will be shocked by the effectiveness and efficiency of the technical changes you will see in this course.

Our method is based on micro-adjustments to take out the slack, increase your pressure and transfer your weight. No need to be strong, flexible or fast for that, this Jiu-Jitsu is Universal. It directly applies in sparring and will help you saving energy drastically.

Become an absolute nightmare NOW and develop an incredible pressure from the Top AND from the Bottom positions. Our First Chapter is about the Closed guard and contains a lot of bonus videos about other positions, all about the INVISIBLE DETAILS that change everything.


6.5 Hours of mind blowing details with Lifetime Access.