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KIds Muay thai

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Muay Thai, or "Thai Boxing" is a sport as much as a Martial Arts, which means that it is not only a wonderful work out but also a deep philosophy of life with great values.


The Benefits on the children are numerous: 

  • Get active

  • Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Work on Goal-Setting and Self-Improvement

  • Learn Respect and Listening Skills

  • Encourage Teamwork and Belonging

  • Get Physical in a Safe Environment

  • Learn About Conflict Resolution


In a healthy environment, they will learn how to move, listen, apply, breathe, control their emotions and be good team players.


Muay Thai is not only kicking and punching, it's a school of life that has amazing benefits for your children. In terms of development, it is one of the best way for them to improve their coordination, their ability to see and react quicker. Thai boxing helps children to develop their muscles, their cardio, their flexibility and their speed. 

At Connection we make sure that your kids have a lot of fun on the mats. They will be taught by a certified Instructor who has many years of teaching experience. 

Give it a try, you won't regret it, and the first class is free!

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