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Gracie/bRAZILIAN jIU-Jitsu


Jiu-Jitsu is a booster of human potential. Based on the idea that your opponents will always be bigger, stronger and faster than you, it relies only on leverage and technique to survive, control and submit. It is also an amazing workout, extremely addictive and interesting.

Jiu-Jitsu was originally created in Japan, then adapted and transformed by the Gracie Family in Brazil since the years 1920's. Helio Gracie, the pioneer and leader of the family, changed the mindset of Jiu-Jitsu to make it an Art of Self-Defence allowing the small individuals to defend themselves against big opponents in real no rules fights. After proving the effectiveness of his system himself, his children and nephews spread the Art around the World and showed outstanding abilities. It's Rorion Gracie, Helio's eldest son, who went to America and eventually created the Ultimate fighting Championship (UFC). His brother Royce won the first events and shocked the world on live television while his other brother Rickson (the best in the family) was in Japan building a legendary undefeated career. 

Jiu-Jitsu kept evolving, becoming one of the fasting growing sport in the world (BJJ) and also being a massive part of modern MMA. 

At Connection, we embrace all the aspects of Jiu-Jitsu and we make sure to never going away from its roots: self defence and personal development are the core of what we do.

Self Confidence, Self esteem, weight loss, very fit body, peaceful mind, emotional balance, great friendships and a massive dose of endorphin is the outcome you can expect from our BJJ Classes.


Our Classes : after a complete warm-up, we start with standing techniques (Self Defence, Judo or wrestling) followed by ground fighting techniques. Our classes always end with "rolling" sessions (sparring) where you will always be safe and practice in a nice and friendly environment. We leave the ego at the door and train as partners, always.

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